Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sudanese and a new project: The Great Northern War

I finished a combined bow and spear unit of Old Glory Sudanese for the El Cid project- I am close to finishing the Almoravids and just need to finish off a few units of Christians.

And on a trip to Banff last week I stopped in at the Compustore in Red Deer where Will was having a big 1/72 sale. So I bought his entire Zvezda Great Northern War range to start a new project for Maurice. I'm starting with Swedes, here are the first batch of figs which I think came out very nicely. Mark wants to use 40mm frontages, which in my opinion will work better with 6 figs per base, double ranked. I based these first few figs 4 and 6 to a 40mm square- what do you think? Remember that a unit will be made of 4 bases (either 16 or 24 figs)?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mercenary caballeros and jinetes

This week I repainted a bunch of 28mm mounted figs that I picked up in the MayDay silent auction. There are a mix of caballeros and jinetes in here that will be good for mercenaries for my Ed Cid game I hope to run in the autumn. I think there is a mixture of Gripping Beast and maybe a couple of Old Glory in here I think? Some of them I stripped and some I just retouched or added a shield transfer.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

HOTT army, light dragoons and a Congreve rocket battery

The last couple of weeks have been busy with work-related travel to Vancouver, the UK and now I have to go to Ottawa tomorrow, but I managed to finish my 28mm HOTT army "The Warband of the Winter Witch" which also features a lovely Reaper Frost Giant:

Plus a battery of Hat 1/72 Congreve rockets for Lasalle:

And Italeri British light dragoons, also 1/72: