Monday, August 10, 2020

Lots of stuff

 I have been lazy about posting, but lots of stuff painted over the past few weeks while I took some time away from work.

Bolt Action US Paras:


A Hanomag with magnetized MG or PAK36 options:

An early war Panzer IV - I think I am getting better at this weathering thing.

A Puma

Warlord French support group - the start of an early war Bolt Action French army!

Nice figs - I especially like the officer with the Gauloises!

Wargames Factory British chariots for Jonathan

A regiment of Dragoons (20mm Newline) for the Lasalle project

And some of the goodness that is the Invictus box set for 40k 9th edition! The models are fantastic, the Skorpekh destroyers and Lord are pretty hit hitters in melee

And another batch of vehicles - early war Krupp truck, Pz38t and a later PzIII.

And early war German infantry with a few more Airborne weapons teams