Sunday, May 27, 2012

Muslim reinforcements

A combined unit of 10 spearmen and 10 archers, figures are from Old Glory crusades range, flag is by LBM. The Old Glory crusades range is excellent, I like these guys.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Naked Greeks and Muslims

I added some more hoplites to the growing Greek-Persian Wars project, these are Hat 1/72 from the Theban army box and I intend to use them to represent Persian-allied Greeks of Ionia or Boetia. They are okay I guess, a bit flat in terms of sculpting, but the shield transfers help them out and hide their naughty bits.

I also picked off a few more Muslims for the El Cid project, these are 28mm Gripping Beast (I think) that I picked up in the MayDay auction. I stripped them and painted them as North African invaders, the banners are from LBM Studios and I think really help make the unit pop. They are pricey but really worth it.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


This week I finished a box of Zvezda Scythians (1/72) for the Greek-Persian Wars project. These were very nice figures, lots of detail, and took quite a bit of time to complete because they are irregular with quite a mixture of armour, armament and fabrics. They are based on 60mm frontages for DBx but plan to use them in Impetus with 2 elements per unit.

There are 4 stands of 3Cv noble cavalry

General's element

and 4 stands of LH, horse archers for Impetus, these guys are underrepresented in the box contents, I would have thought they should make up the bulk of a Scythian force.

Next up I have some Muslim 28mm cavalry in the pipeline, and then I might either prep some Thebans for the Greek-Persian Impetus project or something else for my 28mm HOTT army for our next EDBAG campaign now that I have a plan.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Back from hiatus

Bit of a gap since the last post. We took the kids to California for a week and met this chap:

and they miraculously grew these ears:

and wet their feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time:

We returned in time for the annual Edmonton Wargame Group MayDay convention, which was a smashing success. I have a few pics of my Warhammer English Civil War game of the Battle of Inverkeithing which saw a disturbingly historical outcome with the English causing the Scots to flee the field, leaving the road open for Cromwell.

I also felt inspired to revisit the El Cid project, here we have some Gripping Beast camelry out for a walk in my backyard on a glorious May day in Edmonton.

Monday, May 7, 2012

A couple of characters

Sometimes it's nice to spend a few hours on a couple of specisl figures instead of a whole unit on the assembly line. Since it has been snowing in Edmonton for like the last 36h, gotta find something to keep busy with. Here I have finished a highlander (Wee Wullie, the one that comes with the Black Powder expansion, thank you Bruce!) who I plan to use as the chieftain Hector Maclean of Duart for my MayDay Inverkeithing scenario.

I also did this dark age Scottish chief who came with the Saga supplement from Gripping Beast. This is a really nice figure, I may use him to lead my Vikings at MayDay.