Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Crusaders and camps

I painted a bag of 25mm Old Glory knights in Hospitaller outfits to make a start on a Crusader project that will likely simmer for the next year or so. Solid usable figures, I know the helmets are not exactly right for Hospitallers but I reckon there was a lot more variety (family heirlooms, etc) than we see in the few depictions.

And I also painted two 15mm DBA camps with large numbers of harlots, Old Glory again.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Warlord Sarmatians

Very dynamic poses, but a bit of a bear to clean up - a lot of flash and vent marks. But I think they look good when done. I did the springtime in Edmonton theme on the bases - lots of melting snow still around!

These are some of the last remaining bits for my MayDay game. The general is on a round base.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

28mm Sassanids by A&A

First regiment is complete now that I have LBM shield transfers and a banner. 5 more to go!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

WW2 microarmour

Stripped and repainted these chaps for a miniature version of Desert Heat. They are GHQ PzIIIs and IVs I stripped using oven cleaner - they still looked pretty grim out of the caustic stew but came out okay in the end. (Note to self - white undercoat, middlestone wash, Vallejo black wash, 50/50 middlestone/buff drybrush).

thanks for passing these along Jonathan!

Sassanids and Sarmations in the queue...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Death of the First Panzer

I have micro armour painted to play the first West German scenario of the Lock and Load game Eisenbach Gap Deluxe

Here we have Soviet T-72s with a BRDM-AT

And the stalwart West German panzergrenadiers with a Jaguar AT and Luchs for support:

I still haven't worked out whether I want to run this using a hex mat or convert it to measures.

I also picked up the WW2 Desert Heat version of the same game design:

Which is a very slick game, trouble is, the orbats and scenarios are complete fiction. I am not a complete rivet counter, but this has Piats in 1941 and at Bir Hacheim, Germans riding PzIVGs in 1942, Italians armed with 88s, and the 7th RTR riding Valentines. C'mon - every schoolboy knows they drove Matilda IIs!!!!

I don't get it - nice designed game, beautiful components, 16 "historical" scenarios, but WTF? Why not use historical orbats (Matildas, PzIVd, e maybe f1, etc...) for the same cost and effort?