Monday, October 24, 2011

Picoarmour desert rats

Over the weekend I completed a couple of regiments of British picoarmour for the Beda Fomm scenarios I have planned. This first batch is mostly tanks

There are some transport for the 25lber guns (not received yet)

This is an FAO:


2lber portees:


Vickers MKVI and A13s


business end of some portees:



More of the wee Vickers:

Pretty close to having the first scenario ready to go, waiting for the artillery guns (required for the Brits who used 25lbers firing over open sights) and some additional terrain pieces.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

ECW firelock party and the man himself

I completed another unit for my late Parliament ECW army, this is a company of firelocks (musketeers) ready to storm, well, .... something. Warlord figs, with command and a couple of conversions. These guys all have the same body with 2 arm variants, plus of course the obligatory selection of hats. There is also Ollie himself cheering the lads on.

Yes, I know the lighting is shite. However I don't have photo blind and no sunshine in Edmonton today.

Next up: should be those picoarmour Brits based and ready to be painted....

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Picoarmour Italians for Beda Fomm

I just finished the first batch of picoarmour (3mm) Italians for the western desert. I have worked out an Operation Compass Beda Fomm scenario. Here are the ill-fated Italians starting with the CO, 3 HQs and an FAO stand. There are a variety of vehicle types. I used vallejo Desert Sand with Vallejo black wash. The Vallejo washes are superb, they settle well and dry flat, unlike Future. Vastly superior, and worth $12 for the large bottles.

Next there are 2 battalions of medium tanks M13-40s. The tanks are very nice, the height is exagerrated but it works. Lots of depth and detail in the sculpts:

a company of light tanks (L3-35s):

A couple of battalions of bersaglieri, I decide to base them 5 foot and 1 support weapon per stand since more than that looked a bit crowded. These guys are in Vallejo Game Colour desert yellow (more of a dun yellow than their Model Colour desert yellow, which is quite orange) with Vallejo sepia wash, plus the capercaillie feathers picked out in black, guns in metal.

Support weapons: 2 artillery stands and 4 MG stands:

All this for about $25 cost. A blister is either 15 vehicles (5 stands) or 60 foot castings (5-10 stands depending on basing) for the cost of $4. This stuff is awesome!!!

BTW- here are the products I have been using for basing and washes:

Next up: Brits.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

1/72 Carthaginian DBA army

This weekend I finished a 1/72 Carthaginian army. The highlight is the elephant, of course, he one of the Zvezda models and is he ever a big bugger! This is the kind of army I like to play, lots of troop variety and combined arms. It matches up well with most opponents, but is also challenging to command because the troop types are so varied. The other figs are by Hat: