Thursday, February 17, 2022

Another sporadic update: 15mm and 28mm WW2

 28mm WW2 French and early war Germans for Bolt Action:

Monday, January 10, 2022

Belated updates - ASOAIF and Bolt Action

 I have been hobbying and playing for the past two months (although FTF gaming is over for the time being, thanks Omicron!), but seem to have lost my will to post on my blog. So, here are some belated updates.

Tully Sworn Shields:

Savage Cave Dwellers and some NCUs

Commandos for my Bolt Action British:

Bolt Action French - these are Crusader with a 3d printed flamethrower ordered from Etsy:

Wargames Atlantic (nice figs!!) Senegalese for my Bolt Action French army:

Sidekick for the flamethrower - I thought the cigarette nicely complements the gas mask

And some Warlord Games New Kingdom Egyptians for something different:

And some shots of the 13.5mm ACW project - cavalry from Kallistra to go with the Warlord Epic troops