Wednesday, November 18, 2020

And now for some Bolt Action stuff

More 'mericans. A squad of 28mm rangers including a flamethrower and bangalores, plus a Sherman, softskins and an M-20 Greyhound. Great stuff from Warlord Games!

Friday, November 6, 2020

MeG and Flames of War armies

 I worked through a batch of old school, mixed bag 15mm Gauls/Britons over the past few weeks to flesh out a Pacto scale Mortem et Gloriam Ancient Briton army. Here they are in their glory:

I also completed a company of Fallschirmjager with Stug support for my late war German Flames of War collection. These are models by Plastic Soldier Company.

I conclude with a photo of what the remote learning environment often looks like in our home. I hope he is absorbing all of Grade 9 French. Or I suppose with the calculator handy, perhaps it's catmath.