Thursday, March 26, 2015


I did my remaining Foundry Landsknechts based for DBA-RRR - hoping for a conversion to DBA 3.0 one day. These were fun to paint - free to use any part of the colour palette after all.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A diversion in scale

10 or so years ago the missus bought me a surprise model kit for my birthday. It is a 1/35 Trumpeter Challenger II main battle tank in KFOR markings - not really my scale or genre, but the thought counts plenty. It has resided on my shelves for some time, waiting for a rainy day.

Image result for trumpeter challenger 2 kfor

Well, on a snowy day over the Xmas holiday I broke it out and made a start, after about a dozen sessions over the last few months, quite a bit of fiddly bit frustration with my clumsy fingers (e.g. only one of the wing mirrors survived) it is complete, and here she is:

I don't reckon it will ever get on the table in a game - but it will take a place of honour on the shelf of glory.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

A bunch of awesome stuff

Well, I have a bunch of cool stuff to put up today. For Christmas I got the European Farm set in 20mm from 4Ground (the laser cut and pre-painted mdf models) and last weekend I finally put it together. Several observations: first, this is an excellent product - internal and external details are great, buildings are multiple levels and come apart, etc.. Second, it was fun to put together, instructions were clear and everything fit perfectly. Third, great company to work with. My box set ended up short one of the buildings (the grey farmhouse) so the missus wrote to them (since she bought it for me) and the house is winging it's way over now. I subbed the the white farmhouse (bought previously) to hold down the SW corner in the photo.

The second goody in the pictures is the AWESOME game mat that I just received from Cigarbox. This is printed on a fleece like fabric, and it is just beautiful. They are pricey (mine ended up 85CDN), but the guys at Cigarbox are superb. With 3 chums at the club we ordered 4 mats - so he gave us a discount and comped the postage from the US. Really, how awesome is that?!?!?! Really pleased with this purchase.

Finally - in the foreground are two battalions of Imperial Guard Grenadiers by Zvezda in 1/72 that I worked up over the last two weeks. Great figs, as one expects from Zvezda, I did these in preparation for one or more Waterloo games this year. It is the 200 year anniversary, after all.