Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Adeptus mechanicus Titan Warhounds and Blackstone Fortress complete!

I just finished the last models from the Blackstone Fortress WH40k Quest game, and decided to try it out solo to see how it plays. 10h later... I'm really enjoying it - despite the fact that I lost my first adventurer on only the second challenge of the game. My team leader Janis Drake failed to leap across a chasm and died outright (rolled a '1' on the Blackstone dice!). I almost decided to reboot and chalk it up to beginners bad luck - but then figured I should just go for it. Now I am on our 3rd expedition on the way to take out our first Stronghold feeling good about it. We'll see...

Here are the models - 4 negavolt cultists

 2 rogue psykers

 Chaos beastmen

 Obsidius Mallex and a couple of Chaos Space Marines (scary dudes...)

 Pious Vorne and Amallyn Shadowguide - I am using both of these in my campaign.

 And I also finished two more Adeptus Titanicus 6mm Titan Warhound Scouts - Vespula Ignis (Fire Wasp - so named for it's inferno gun) and Vespula Perforo (Piercing Wasp - so named for it's plasma gun). Can't wait to play this game - the Warlord is the next addition.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Adeptus titanicus Reaver titan

I could not resist GW's recent Titan battle game Adeptus Titanicus, so I picked up the rules and a battlegroup box set consisting of a Warlord, Reaver and 2 Warhounds. Here is the Reaver (the medium sized titan) which stands about 5" tall. They are intended to be approximately 8mm scale. Two of the Blackstone Fortress characters just finished are shown for scale - these are Taddeus the Ministorum Priest and UR-025 Imperial Robot.

I have named the Reaver Tenebris Vespa (Dark Hornet) and painted him in livery consistent with the loyalist Legio Ignatum (the Fire Wasps). The hoops on the shoulder and boot armor are intended to be waspy. I magnetized the carapace and left arm weapons, and the left arm can be swapped for a gatling blaster. I am really looking forward to playing this game!