Wednesday, August 29, 2018

M7 Priest

Just finished the last element of my US FOW force for now - the all important mobile artillery battery of 3 M7 Priests:

I also used some M125 crewmen to make stands of 81mm mortars for Nam or Cold War games. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

US forces for FOW

I picked up a bunch of Shermans at a deep discount a few months ago, so decided to fill them out to a full FOW force ostensibly to fight my Afrika Korps but also to be converted to a late war FOW army. Here area couple of platoons of PSC Shermans and a platoon of armoured infantry in M3 tracks by Battlefront. Lest I forget - the vehicles are black primer with white highlight followed by Vallejo Olive Drab all by airbrush. Infantry are Field Drab trousers, Khaki blouse, Brown Violet helmets.

I also picked up some heavily discounted Vietnam FOW stuff a few months back - PT-76 tanks. Very nice sculpts by Battlefront. Again - lest I forget - these were black primed then white oversprayed, basecoated with Vallejo Air Dark Green, oversprayed with Vallejo Air Interior Green, washed with Agrax Earthshade then drybrushed with Middlestone. These I plan to use in a 'Nam scenario next month but also for Team Yankee.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Necron Destroyers

I completed a squadron of 6 Necron Destroyers, which gives me a decent 75PL force. One of the Destroyers was the heavy upgrade pack, but the gun was such a piece of unusable Finecast crap that I chopped it off and put the barrel of a regular Gauss cannon on it. Arghhh... anyhow I think the models came out nice otherwise:

And here is the battlehost in full array - 1 Fast Attack detachment (Wraiths, Destroyers, Scarabs with a Cryptek) and 1 Battalion (Immortals with Gauss & Tesla, Warriors, Annihilation Barge, Lychguard, Overlord and Lord).

Monday, August 6, 2018

S'more Necrons!

Finished these a few days ago but have been a bit lazy about updating my blog. Here are some wraiths, warriors and more immortals. The wraiths are very cool models.

Then over the holiday weekend I did some more Necrons - an Annihilation Barge, Overlord and Lord:

And on top of that - more FOW early war Germans to reinforce my Panzer Company. Granatewerfers, Panzerbusche, Panzer IIs and IIIs. The Pz IIIs are from my chum Tim from Saskatoon who sent a crapload of FOW stuff my way in exchange for a handful of microarmor. Thanks Tim!!! (PS - all the Brits went to Dennis - we will be starting some late desert war stuff to get it one the table).