Saturday, September 28, 2019

Macedonian army and Harad

I built some movement trays for my Macedonians for Kings of War - I made some blank base spacers so the units as based would fill the footprint of a unit for KoW.  I wanted to depict the companion cavalry in a wedge for example, but it needed to fit a standard size. So here they are:

And I also painted 24 Haradrim infantry from GW LOTR range (perhaps my favorite of all model things to paint - can't resist them even if I don't play with them much), an officer and a ringwraith - the wraith is the spare rider from the Nazgul box set (you have the choice of the witch king or a wraith) on a random (ECW?) horse I had kicking around. 

And finally - a couple of bits for my late war FOW Germans - needed another Elefant and a half-track. These are Zvezda 1:100 models which I am a big fan of. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

More Bolt Action Soviets and FOW Germans

Finished these about a week ago and didn't get around to posting them.

First I did a couple of heavy Sdkfz 231 armored cars and panzerschrek teams for my late war Flames of War army.

And I also finished another batch of Soviets for Bolt Action, including a T34-76, a couple of ATGs by PSC, and another squad or so of Siberian veterans. 

Monday, September 2, 2019

Bolt Action Soviets and Cadian conversions

I finished two squads of Bolt Action Soviets - Siberian veterans - these have been fun to do with quite a bit of character.

I also used some of the squatting figures to build Cadian crewmen for a mortar platoon. The Astra Militarum heavy weapons box includes only enough crew for 3 teams, but weapons to do 6. So I used Soviet bodies with Cadian arms to fill them out. Works from 3 feet away!