Friday, October 29, 2021

Epic ACW and back to some Bolt Action

The blog has been quiet for a couple of reasons - house renovations mean I don't have a hobby room ready yet, but also it's been busy and I have fallen out of a blogging routine. However, I should keep it up if for no other reason - it helps me keep track of projects!

I finished enough Epic ACW to run a Kernstown battle scenario in Black Powder in a couple of weeks with some new gaming buddies. Here they are:

960 Union infantry with guns and cavalry:

Plus another 600 Conferates:

I have also fell in with a weekly Bolt Action group, and have so far managed about an even record of winning and losing (actually more draws than anything else yet). But this has inspired me to do a few new models to reinforce my Soviets:

And I am still doing ASOIAF - even though I have nobody to play it with, here are the Boltons (Neutrals)