Saturday, October 24, 2020

P-47 for Flames of War

 My chum Dennis got frustrated hand-painting a P-47 model so asked me to bail him out

P-47 Thunderbolt Flight (UBX85)

 Steps involved were:

Cover old paint job with black primer:

Black bars on top of fuselage:


Mask the black


overspray white


Yellow tail and red nose


Mask the yellow and red flare


Spray chrome all over


remove masking


pick out details and touch up

gentle black wash to bring out panel lines

Decals - these were a total nightmare - very fragile and very stubborn to get off the paper


Monday, October 12, 2020

More Northag, Flames of War

 Some additional bits of helo support for my 10mm Cold War stuff:


Gazelle scout helicopter

Lynx attack helicopter:

A pair of Hinds

Recon Sdkfz 250s

A Royal Warden for my 40k Crusade army

88mm ATGs for Flames of War

Recon platoon for Flames of War: