Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas loot and a bunch of other stuff

I aquired a bunch of pre-painted 15mm terrain for FOW and TY from Santa, including escarpments (bracketing three newly painted Stugs)

A terraced house and corner shop- a shout out to my chum Scott who I ran into at the Mission Fun and Games Boxing Day sale, this was where I snapped up the large houses. Scott - thanks for letting me slip into line with you! Hope you did as well as I did at the sale - these were 50% off.

a church

terraced house with a pair of newly painted 3d printed Tigers

corner shop with house

Interior detail of one of the houses

interior detail of the church

Interior detail of the corner shop

A pair of Tigers - 3d printed by my chum Clayton - passing the terraced house with interior detail shown

Rocky hill

Stug hiding in the rocky hill

Closer in - nicely detailed Battlfront plastic Stug and home-printed Tiger

And finally, a unit of painted Imperial Harquebusiers for chum Jonathan

Well, not quite finally I guess, I also acquired a box of Leopard 1s which I painted in gelbolive to match my ArmiesArmies C1s. The Battlefront Leps are the ones with aerials:

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Lots of stuff - 28mm TYW, 10mm medieval fantasy, 15mm FOW...

It's been a while since my last update, December always seems to be a busy month, but a variety of stuff came off the table.

First we have a unit of 28mm Swedish Pike and Shot (Warlord) completed for a friend - familiar figures, as I have probably painted more of these than anything else, but the steel helmets give then a very uniform and distinctive appearance.

 I also did some 10mm fantasy and medieval stuff - Elven cavalry and Treemen by Pendraken and I did a few stands of Old Glory Byzantines.


And a pair of Battlefront 15mm FOW tanks for my mid-war Grenadier company

And finally, an unusual story. This week I ordered an Arab Conquest army to fight the Byzantines. Strangely, PayPal held my payment for 72 hours while they reviewed whether my transaction "violated the terms of agreement". WTF?!?!?! This has never happened to me before after perhaps 10 years of regular PayPal use. I suspect it is because the order contained words "Islamic" "war" "muslim" "arab"etc... and somehow triggered an AI filter that marked it as a suspicious international transaction. Good think I didn't order a model of Isis (as in the Greek goddess...).

CSIS must have been disappointed to find out it was for a couple of hundred 10mm wargame figures!