Sunday, January 19, 2014


First batch of Dacians, here we have 4 bases of warband and two of skirmishers for my MayDay game - system to be determined. I am currently leaning towards Impetus.

The figs are a mix of Foundry and Warlord.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Warlord Auxilia

I finished a box of Warlord Games Roman Auxilia - these guys - in 28mm for my MayDay game.

Nice figures, really nice, but they are a bit over-animated for my taste which makes them hard to rank up. I based them on 30 x 60mm frontage so they can be used for DBA.

I am thinking of running a Dacian Wars battle for my big MayDay game. I have some Foundry and Warlord Dacians, as well as a horde of Sarmatian cavalry. My quandry is which ruleset to use - I picked up the Hail Caesar supplement over Christmas and it has some nice ideas for scenarios, and Hail Caesar is a good participation game for a Con. Although I prefer WAB ... I dunno...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year, Comrades!

As the year wraps up I can recap what came off the bench this year, about 1500 figures (although quite a few of these are wee):

6mm: 90 foot, 67 vehicles - all WW2 and modern microarmor
10mm: 655 foot, 37 mounted - all Imperial Romans
15mm: 135 foot, 45 mounted, elephant - a couple of DBA armies
1/72: 225 foot, 47 mounted, 7 arty, 3 guns, 2 tanks - mostly Napoleonics and WW2
28mm: 193 foot, 57 mounted, 3 monsters, 2 chariots, gun - Some fantasy stuff for HOTT and ancients
Total: roughly 1500 figs - 1308 foot, 185 mounted, 86 other

I also managed to play 39 games of DBA with the following armies, and the dice were kind 31 times:

Early Achaemenid Persian: 2-0
Late Achaemenid Persian: 1-0
Abysinnians: 5-3
Early Imperial Roman: 8-1
Sassanid Persian: 2-0
Ancient Britons: 5-2
Teutonics: 5-1
Later Swiss: 1-1
Dacians: 1-0
Marian Rome: 1-0
New games I tried this year included Fireball Forward (a keeper), War and Conquest (meh - not sure if it tops WAB for me), Lasalle (good), Fistful of Tows (OK) and I played a lot of Command and Colors (Ancients and Napoleonics) and Memoir '44. 

Over the holidays I finished this batch of 1/72 Soviets for a 1941 scenario I think I will run using Fireball Forward at the next club night, the guns and infantry figs are from Plastic Soldier Company and are very good, the BT-7 and BA-6 are Pegasus, and the ruined building is a very nice Italeri kit that I picked up from chum Mark- nice!


Happy New Year from the boys (should have named them Jeff and Akbar...)