Monday, July 24, 2017

Cadian reinforcements featuring the Commisar

This week I partially scratch built a Helhound support tank for my Cadians - it's most of a Chimera missing the upper hull with a melta-cannon fitted in the turret. I also fitted it with a removable one-shot hunter-killer missile fixed by rare earth magnets which I just realized is not a legal addition under 8th edition rules. It used to be - but now it's the only Astra Militarum vehicle that doesn't list it as an option - is it an oversight? Good thing it's removable!

In the foreground are additional Cadian infantry specialists and a Commissar model to keep the lads facing the front.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Catachan jungle commandos and Austrians done

After yet another work trip away from home for a week, I finished off the remaining 10mm Austrians (generals and artillery) and French generals for the CCN Aspern & Essling project and a squad of Catachan jungle fighter veterans for 40k. My plan for these guys is to build an Astra Militarum 50 PL vanguard force, and the Catachan veterans will ride a Valkyrie battle taxi to be dropped in the enemy rear or near an objective. Two flamers gives them a close range punch against enemy infantry - but mobility is the their main asset once I acquire a Valkyrie.