Monday, June 30, 2014

10mm ACW and WW2

After about 2 weeks of work travel I got home on Friday and found a bit of hobby time to work on some projects in 10mm. First I have some early war German tanks from Pendraken that I like enough to order more of. There are 38ts and 2 early IVs here for a Barbarossa scenario I have in mind. I prefer a light grey to bring out the detail in small scales, and those with Nazi flags denote command vehicles:

Then I also tried my hand at 10mm ACW figs for Altar of Freedom - grand tactical ACW rules where each stand is a regiment. These are a mix of Old Glory strips of 5 (rear rank) and Pendraken singular figs (front rank). These were fun to paint, I will follow up with more as this project builds. Like this scale for the compromise between size and massed look, plus they go fast with a block and wash techniques that I would only use for smaller scales.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Byzantines for Saga

Last week I picked up the Saga supplement that covers the Byzantines, and this inspired me to dig out a mixed bag of Old Glory Byzantines I picked up in a lot on TMP a year or two ago. These are two units of warriors - one with bow. A feature of the Byzantine side in Saga is their ability to do combined arms things such as shooting over friendlies and supporting one unit with another located behind. I strayed from my usual colour palette here with a bold bright orange theme.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

28mm Warlord Legionnaires

Here we have a box of 30 Early Imperial Roman legion by Warlord. The figures are good, the shield transfers look nice but were a complete pain in the butt - they don't adhere well to the curved surface. I tried all the tricks - pva, gloss undercoat, Future, vinegar to help soften. Any hints? I can't seem to find and microset or microsol anywhere local, but maybe that is what I need.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Memoir '44 Juno Beach

Here is the set-up for tomorrow night's club game - the Juno Beach scenario from Memoir '44 using microarmour. Elements of the 79th Armoured (Sherman crabs, AVREs, Centaurs) make an important appearance.