Thursday, March 29, 2012

Viking Hirdmen for Saga

More of these lovely Crusader 28mm guys, I now have a 4 point warband.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bondi and Spartans

Here we have a unit of Viking bondi (Crusader 28mm with LBM shield transfers) for my Saga Warband. Nice models, and the LBM shield transfers are superb.

And also a large batch of Zvezda Spartans done in red and bronze. There are 9 stands here (4 figs on 60 x 20 bases) that will factor into a big Greek-Persian Wars battle I am working towards later in the year. Not bad for 1/72 plastic.

Next, some hirdmen waiting for painting, and I might start on some 1/72 Persians.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I took a break from hoplites to do a few Vikings for my next Saga warband, hopefully in time for MayDay. These are Crusader 28mm, of which I am a big fan, their dark age ranges have lots of character and a very chunky feel to them. Here we have a lord and 4 Ulfednar / Berzerkers. The skins looked more ursine than lupine to me.

And here we have a bit of a swedge against some of the dinosaur herd belonging to the kids

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rodrigo Diaz and more Spartans

I chiseled away at the El Cid lead pile this week, here we have Rodrigo Diaz himself, mounted and on foot, with his vassal Alvar Minaya, also mounted and on foot.

These are nice and chunky Crusader 28mm, I really like their dark age ranges. Have done a lot of their Normans and Huscarls.

I also finished another battlegroup of Spartans, this is a mixture of the two Zvezda box sets, the new Spartans and the older mixed hoplites. I think Zvezda are my favourite 1/72 manufacturer, love those Corinthian helmets.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

1/72 Hoplites

Last week I blew the dust off some 1/72 Greeks and Persians for a change. There are some Hat figures here, which are very so-so, flat poses and require you to make and affix own spear. Pain in the butt! I used VVV shield transfers.

I also found some Caesar hoplites that are much more 3-dimensional, and come with spears.

Monday, March 5, 2012

More Celts and some Saga

I moved this unit of Warlord Celtic cavalry off the workbench this week. Nice models, very animated. Clearly not just out for a pony ride

Mark Wall and I also managed a game of Saga this afternoon, my Spaniards (played as Normans) versus his shiny new Anglo-Danes. This scenario was all about holding terrain features. I manoeveed 12 knights onto the main hill very early on to soak up VP, then as his footslogger marched forward I sprung 6 knights into 8 unarmoured warriors and managed to lose what should have been a squash! (my 15 dice hitting on 4+ lose to his 8 dice hitting on 5+...I lost 2:3!). Mark's surname should be "Shield"Wall.

Half my strike force blown, I spent the rest of the game skulking, sniping and getting picked off unit at a time. At the final reckoning, a tie VPs 54:54!