Friday, March 28, 2014


I have a new long-term project - 28mm Sassanid Persians. I picked these up about a year ago in a lot on TMP - there are 60+ cavalry, 4 elephants, probably 50+ archers and levy, all by Foundry, A&A and Old Glory. Yeah - long term project. Maybe for MayDay 2015 if we have one.

Here are the first mounted - these are A & A models - they are almost complete as I am still waiting for LBM shield transfers for the bucklers and small round shields. But I think they are very nice figures. I decided to do them on 60mm frontages and probably in regiments with 4 bases per regiment in the same colour scheme. So here we have the start of 2 regiments.

I now have Persians in 4 scales....

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stuka and 88 for Bolt Action

Next week I will run another WW2 scenario using Bolt Action - these rules are simple and fun, easy to pick up and run at the club. I will run the Across the Meuse - Sedan scenario from the Skirmish Campaigns scenario book on the 1940 Meuse campaign. These books are generally excellent, and this one is simply outstanding.

For this scenario, I needed an 88 flak gun and Stuka support, as well as a bunch of bunkers for the French defenders. The 88 and Stuka are from Zvezda's new Art of Tactic range and are excellent, simple models. The bunkers I made from 6 of the many empty Minifigs clamshell packs kicking around with my reusable packing material. Hey - the price was right!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Late Roman command and cavalry

The last few stands for my MayDay game are complete, these a couple of stands of cavalry and a commander. Foundry again, shield decals are Warlord auxilia leftovers but do the trick:

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Auxilia palatina

Slow month on the paint table, busy month at work including a week in a hotel conference room in Ottawa adjudicating a national research grant competition, followed by a week of recovering from a nasty rhinovirus one of the other group members brought back from Africa. Thanks for that!

But I did finish a few more stands of late Roman foot for my MayDay game in the meantime- these are auxilia by Foundry. Now I just have a few stands of mounted to finish and it's ready to go.