Sunday, May 29, 2011

El Cid diversion

I have been contemplating my next project, torn between doing hoplites and Persians or the Reconquista. So I scored a few boxes of the Hat 28mm El Cid range plastics from Wall-e to try out. I am particularly keen to build an Almoravid army, with ferocious North African Berbers.

I assembed one sprue of these guys:

Which I have to confess did not impress me that much in bare plastic form. The details are not as crisp as other hard plastic ranges, and the plastic spears are quite fragile. But when I painted them up, I was pleasantly surprised (as is often the case with Hat products):

The problem with them is that they are proportioned like 1/72, with realistic head and hand sizes, so they will not mix well with metals, shown below here beside an Old Glory 28 despite having the correct height:

I would be happy to use just Hat figs, but the ranges are incomplete. So this leaves a bit of a dilemma.