Sunday, August 25, 2013

Microarmor for 1944

Here is a batch of 1944 Germans to fill out the first scenario of a MarketGarden series of games I will run at the club over the next year or so. The hetzers are standing in for Pzjd IVs...shhh... Infanty are mostly Adler, rest are GHQ.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dice bargain at Value Village!

Yesterday I found a bargain at the 34th Ave Value Village thrift store when I was rummaging around with the kids - a bag of 50 high quality assorted polyhedral dice for $5! Whoo-hoo! I picked up one bag and there were two others on the shelf in the toy section when I left.

Now, I suppose I don't really need all these lovely dice....but you can never have too many, and they normally go for a buck each or so.

This one is a bit of a mystery - anybody know what this icon on the 6-face represents? The other sides have normal pips.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Romans done, 6mm moderns

Just finished the forces for two of the Roman Civil War CCA scenarios pitting Caesar vs Pompey. Here we have some medium legions, light cavalry and commanders.

And also some modern microarmor that I picked up at a club auction a little while back. Here we have some some Sheridans done in my first attempt at NATO 3-colour camo scheme. I have always wanted to do some Cold War stuff, mid 80s central Europe, but I have not yet found scenarios or rules that work for me. Suggestions welcomed!