Monday, July 20, 2015

Repainting a UH-1 Slick

I picked up a couple of UH-1 die-cast models for cheap at Target a few months back that are 1:100 in scale, perfect match for my 15mm Vietnam project. In fact, their purchase inspired the purchase of the 15mm stuff.

I finally gathered the courage to attempt a repaint. I used Army Painter "army green" spray then picked out the details, and applied a few decals from my bits box. I decided not to mask the windows and just paint them over. One of the main goals was to reduce the "shinyness" of the die-cast.

Here it is- the green is a bit light and I would prefer a more olive drab, but I always find that lighter colours work okay in smaller scales. A good find for the price ($5 each).

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Feudal French DBA army

Received this army of Essex and Battle Honours figs from a mate in a trade. They paint up nicely, I went for a very uniform theme of bright blue, white and red with lots of fleur-de-lys everywhere.

The army is characterized by a ponderance of heavy foot and knights with some bows and psiloi options. I would describe it as "crunchy" to play - it is slow but packs a wallop. While I like the mix of heavy types, I prefer a bit more of a nimble army. But this one is very forgiving to play when you roll well in particular.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

US rifle platoon from Vietnam

At Christmas I picked up a few of the Battlefront Vietnam kits after the inspiration of finding a couple of 1:100 scale matchbox Huey slicks to play with. I just finished the blister of US infantry and now have local forces and NVA to look forward to. I also need to find some platoon - company scale rules I like for this setting. I have been thinking of adapting Fireball Forward.