Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Soviets, a Stormraven, and other Stuff!

I have been behind in posting, but productive given options for what to do in my spare time!

First off is a spare BMP I had kicking around for Team Yankee. Did both hulls so it could stand in for either a BMP-1 or BMP-2.

Then a random   Bones model - in this case the Eye of the Beholder which I will probably use in one of my Kings of War armies as some kind of monster. I think he came out pretty well.

An Ironclad Dreadnought - who will be a passenger on the last piece of my Imperial Fists army - the Stormraven (below). The plan is to drop this little angry bar fridge in the backfield of the opponent riding shotgun with a squad of Terminators up nice close and personal. 

Arm options:

And here is a batch of 10mm light horse for my Byzantine project that have been half done for eons. Finished them off. I am quite looking forward to the launch of the new version of MeG (Mortem et Gloriam) this weekend which I want to try for my 10mm stuff.

And of course the Stormraven. This has been in progress for quite a while. Lots of detail and with all the doors and windows - painted all of the interior as well. This completes my 2k of Imperial Fists. Now I just need the isolation to end so I can play again!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Back to some GW stuff

While I am waiting for some supplies to arrive from the UK for my Napoleonic project, I did a foray into some 28mm GW fantasy goodness. Here we have a box of Easterlings - and I have to say that the LOTR range are my favorite of all models. They are superb.

Some old school GW Chaos Marauders  - I never painted a Chaos army but these are great models, so much character.

And part of mixed bag of refurbished stuff - High Elf chariot, Eagle, Eltharion on foot, a High Elf wizard and an LOTR Radagast (prior to The Hobbit). All of the old school GW stuff was found by my step-father-in-law in a shoebox at a garage sale. I stripped them and repainted, and also used some bits from by boxes to fill them out (such as the horses and harness pulling the chariot). There is something about these reclamation jobs that I just love. Thanks Jim!!!

Ciao for now - Keep calm and use soap!