Friday, May 28, 2010

Big batch of Brits done and dusted

I just finished a big batch of British Peninsular infantry and Rifles for Black Powder. They make up 6 battalions of foot and 2 battalions of rifles:

The rifles are the Italeri 1/72, not bad, good variety of poses:

And the foot were the new Hat box set, these are really very nice, comparable in quality to the French set I painted earlier:

I'm getting close to having the order of battle for Vimiero done. I still need a regiment of light dragoons (ordered metals since cannot find plastics with Tarletons) and to paint up another regiment of French dragoons.

The other thing on my to-do list is a Persian army for HOTT. I have been looking for an excuse to paint a 1/72 Persian collection up, and Wall got me onto the idea of playing HOTT. I think my first army will feature a behemoth (war elephant) some scythed chariots (knights) cavalry (riders) and lots of bows (shooters).

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