Monday, October 25, 2010

Montrose is almost upon us!

Today I just about finished off my Scots ECW army, which has clearly morphed into a Montrose-Royalist force. I complete a 24-strong Irish Brigade of shot, hard nuts these blokes were:

Led by the fearsome Macolla "the devastator" with his Claymore:

Macolla can also be accompanied by a lifeguard of 6 knuckledragging highlanders, so I did another highland warband unit with Claymores and lochaber axes. I am not sure how this army will fare against a more conventional pike and shot force with strong horse regiments. My plan will be to use terrain as best as possible and hit his foot units with my warbands very quickly early on.
In other news, because we are insane we adopted a 4th cat. His name is Harry ("Prince 'arry") and he has bonded with our 4 year old male Charlie (Prince Charles? no wonder I am playing Royalists!). Not more than a day in the house and they have already perfected synchronized sleeping:

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