Sunday, July 3, 2011

Irish Brigade for Auldearn

This week I completed a bunch of Irish shot figures for my Auldearn project, which is close enough to completion that I should start thinking about how to construct the scenario and which rules to use. I could go with WECW, modified Black Powder or Impetus Baroque. They all have merits. The scenario is a surprise attack on Montrose's advance guard (MacColla and his Highlander & Irish bodyguard) in the village with random Royalist reinforcements each turn. The Royalists have better troops but random entry reinforcement, with Montrose, their gifted commander, occupied with haring about the countryside rousing his scattered bivouac. The covenanters must press the attack before Montrose arrives. Historically, MacColla held on long enough for Montrose to double-envelope Sir John Hurry's Covenanters for a total victory.

These figures are a mix of Dixon and Old Glory. The Dixon figs were great, I really liked them. Tons of character and very clean sculpts. The Old Glory are good too, but are a bit less refined.

The other highlight of the week was a kindergarten field trip to feed the dinosaurs at Jurassic Gardens:


  1. Great painting! A nice pictures too!

  2. Nicely done, Dave! Can't wait to see 'em in action!

  3. Very nice figures! The Dixon ECW figures are very nice to paint, I've painted tons of them.