Saturday, October 15, 2011

Picoarmour Italians for Beda Fomm

I just finished the first batch of picoarmour (3mm) Italians for the western desert. I have worked out an Operation Compass Beda Fomm scenario. Here are the ill-fated Italians starting with the CO, 3 HQs and an FAO stand. There are a variety of vehicle types. I used vallejo Desert Sand with Vallejo black wash. The Vallejo washes are superb, they settle well and dry flat, unlike Future. Vastly superior, and worth $12 for the large bottles.

Next there are 2 battalions of medium tanks M13-40s. The tanks are very nice, the height is exagerrated but it works. Lots of depth and detail in the sculpts:

a company of light tanks (L3-35s):

A couple of battalions of bersaglieri, I decide to base them 5 foot and 1 support weapon per stand since more than that looked a bit crowded. These guys are in Vallejo Game Colour desert yellow (more of a dun yellow than their Model Colour desert yellow, which is quite orange) with Vallejo sepia wash, plus the capercaillie feathers picked out in black, guns in metal.

Support weapons: 2 artillery stands and 4 MG stands:

All this for about $25 cost. A blister is either 15 vehicles (5 stands) or 60 foot castings (5-10 stands depending on basing) for the cost of $4. This stuff is awesome!!!

BTW- here are the products I have been using for basing and washes:

Next up: Brits.


  1. They're so wee! Can't remember if I've asked what ruleset you're going to use, BK Commander?

  2. Yep, I picked up the 2nd edition from Lulu. Plan to run 4-5 scenarios for the western desert in chronological order over the next 6 months or so.

  3. Sweet! I love nano-scale figures! It seems a nice scale for modern stuff as the ground scale looks less compressed.