Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bit of this and that...

I have done bits of painting over the last couple of weeks, I picked up a copy of Heroquest to play with the kids and a huge haul of Lord of the Rings models at a recent swap meet for them to learn to paint. That's a project I might blog at a later date- the 9-year old is not bad for a beginner. I also obtained some old GW Adventurers from Terry (ta!) and painted some of them to use in Heroquest. I quite like them- very colourful characters:

And while awaiting an order of 1/72 Swedes for Maurice, I also expanded my Spanish 1/72 stuff for my next Lasalle game. These are 1806 Prussians by Hat, I chose them for the bicorne which just seems so stylish it works for the Spanish:

Not just the artillery, but the cavalry too:

On the go I have my 28mm El Cid stuff to complete in preparation for an October games day. Just finished off the Almoravids, now to get to the Christians.

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  1. Yes I've always liked the hobbit/halfling character in that boxset of Adventurers. He looks like such a putz in a fun kind of way!