Sunday, September 30, 2012

Some Swedes for the Great Northern War

I finished two more units of Swedes for the GNW- Maurice project. These are Strelets, we have one unit of heavy horse in cuirass, and a unit of foot including a base of pike. Strelets are less refined than Zvezda, but they are very interesting to paint. Every pose is unique and well-animated, the detail while coarse, is also quite deep or raised, which makes them quite fun to paint.


  1. 2 great looking units, especially like the foot regiment

  2. Thanks, the foot have a lot of character. I quite like the officer in particular.

  3. Wow! These look great! Bruce tells me he finished his Maurice army on Thursday, so the pressure is on, for me to keep up to you two.

    BTW, love the officer and the mounted drummer.