Saturday, October 27, 2012


Well, a new addiction has started. After selling off some projects that had not seen the light of day for a few years, I splurged on some GHQ microarmour. I bought some from my chum Kevin and the rest from the Sentrybox- close to 40 blisters in all - focusing on late war Italy and NW Europe. Here are the first few stands of Shermans with a few Stuarts, Fireflys and M-10s in the mix.
On the workbench now are also a 15mm Ancient British DBA armies and 1/72 GNW Swedes. Not enough free hours in the day!


  1. Really nice tank company there! Can you come paint my GHQ Sherman battle box? LOL!

  2. Sweet stuff. LIke the decals on the turrets. Good for aiming at!

  3. Wull, those squadron markings were not as bad as the white stars that pimped out the sweet spot on the hull.