Sunday, November 25, 2012

Big and Small

 I finished the German forces for a WW2 scenario "Buron" which will pit the 12SS versus Canadians (North Nova Scotia Highlanders) in Normandy. The vehicles are GHQ and I used Adler infantry which are quite good. I will likely run a game using FFT3 at the club next week.

I also painted a box of 54mm Austrians between vehicles (see here, a 1/285 Sdkfz at the feet of 1/32 Austrian grenadiers - looks like Tonka toy) as part of trade with one of the guys at the club.

They were quite refreshing to paint after a few weeks of 1/72 and smaller. Great models.


  1. Great work Dave, looking forward to seeing the armour in action - nice one ;)

  2. Lets not forget the Highland Light Infantry of Canada (my former reserve unit) which won battle honours in the Battle of Buron. I have the history if your interested.

  3. The HLI honours at Buron actually happened a month later. The battle honours for this engagement are known as Authie (7 June 1944) which features the 12SS counterattack on the North Novas and Sherbrooke Fusiliers shortly after D-Day.

    No disrespect to the HLI!