Saturday, December 15, 2012

Command and Colors Napoleonics: Corunna

I rarely photograph the games I host, I just can't get organized to bring a camera and frankly, would rather not be messing around with one one a game night. So instead I took this opportunity to take some shots of my 1/72 Command and Colors game of the Corunna scenario from the box game. I am pleased with the terrain, which includes a brand new 4" Hotz Command mat, JR Miniatures 6mm rivers, terrainmaker hill hexes, and nice 4" hex resin villages that I picked up in the last club auction. (Each is a single piece, they were a real chore to paint!).

This looks like a fun scenario, French attacking the British rearguard during Moore's retreat from Portugal in 1809. British muskets in tough terrain behind a river, the French will need to draw a good hand to have a decent crack at it, I reckon. But CC:N often surprises me. One of my favorite all time games, I must say.

And finishing with the obligatory cat photo, this time fat Charley squeezing under the cupboard where a warm air vent gently heats his backside.


  1. Very pretty! Yes, CCN is a nice game--Napoleonics without all of the sphincter-clenching typical of Napoleonics.

  2. Now if only we could do away with sphincter-clenching opponents...Bob...


  3. Right then, I expect nothing but relaxed sphincters on Tuesday.

  4. My olfactory experience is that relaxed sphincters are really the last thing you want at at the club.