Sunday, March 17, 2013


Here we have some of the Warlord Sarmatian cataphracts. These are fantastic figures, wonderful animation and nice detail. They are cast with the riders legs on the horse and separate torsos, which I quite like. These are great, I will be using them as Alan noble cavalry for the Adrianople project to face my Late Romans. 


  1. Excellent work on these. I might check out these figures for my own Late Roman period armies.

  2. Nice work. Like the different colours on the metal scales. Didn't know Warlord had a Samartian range either!

  3. Thanks Scotty - they are very nice, I highly recommend them.

    The coloured mail was an experiment using some old GW washes over chainmail to produce some variety. I think I might go over a white or bone undercoat next time to brighten it up a bit.