Thursday, May 23, 2013

10mm Romans

Here we have the first few cohorts of 10mm Romans that I've picked away at over the last couple of weeks. They are very easy to paint and look good en masse- I decided to base them on 60mm frontage for DBA, but also decided to work up a couple of CCA Civil War scenarios pitting Pompey versus Caesar. In doing so I will end up with a Late Imperial DBA army and a Marian Roman army - using one for Pompey and the other for Caesar.

8 bases of legion (160 figs!) and one of cavalry

Can't decide whether to go with thick or thin bases...

Medium cavalry - they might look good with shield transfers.


  1. Spectacular! Will enjoy seeing some reports of your Caesarians vs Pompeiians.

  2. Youve got to love the 10mm :-) nicely done that man :-) Id go thin bases.


  3. Thanks guys - another plus is that the figs are pretty durable which makes thin bases viable. Leaning that way.