Monday, July 15, 2013

And now for something completely different

A few new things to put up here, including some 24th regiment of foot teddy bears:

And enemies...giant rats....the first figures completed from my huge batch of Reapers Bones that will take a generation to paint:

The bears are intended to get the kids into some gaming, perhaps they could battle the rats for jujubes using the Song of Fur and Buttons rules.

A few more 10mm Romans, some of these are very nice Pendraken:

Other news, this addition to the family:

She is a lovely 2-year old Golden / Pyrenees cross named "Milly".


  1. All such great work. The teddy bear soldiers are just so rich and well done! That last piece though that you named "Milly" could use better shading ;)

  2. Yes, we seem to have overdone her highlights!

  3. Lovely bears. Dog needs a coat of magic dip.

  4. What the heck? I leave for a few months and you fall into painting teddy bears? I know the job is stressful and all but, dude, you're better than that!

    I see the Roman project is coming along nicely. You did the fur on the dog perfectly. He almost looks real.

  5. Watch it pal, don't make the teddy bears cross...