Saturday, October 12, 2013

Arab-Israeli Wars

I picked up a batch of micro-armour suitable for the Arab Israeli Wars, I've been very interested in doing some Cold War era gaming for a while. I'm torn between 70-80s Europe and 68-73 Arab-Israeli Wars. I'm kind of doing both - the Israelis are Centurions (Sho't) and M48s (Magach) and M3s. There is also an out of scale Super Mystere flying overwatch. On the Arab side I have done T-55s and BMPs in Russian green, along with a BTR-152 and Shilka, so they could double as Syrians in the Golan theatre of 1973 or be pressed into Soviet service as second echelon divisions for Fulda Gap or some other scenario.

This stuff is just gorgeous - there is nothing better until you get to 1-72, and then it's close.

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