Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Death of the First Panzer

I have micro armour painted to play the first West German scenario of the Lock and Load game Eisenbach Gap Deluxe

Here we have Soviet T-72s with a BRDM-AT

And the stalwart West German panzergrenadiers with a Jaguar AT and Luchs for support:

I still haven't worked out whether I want to run this using a hex mat or convert it to measures.

I also picked up the WW2 Desert Heat version of the same game design:

Which is a very slick game, trouble is, the orbats and scenarios are complete fiction. I am not a complete rivet counter, but this has Piats in 1941 and at Bir Hacheim, Germans riding PzIVGs in 1942, Italians armed with 88s, and the 7th RTR riding Valentines. C'mon - every schoolboy knows they drove Matilda IIs!!!!

I don't get it - nice designed game, beautiful components, 16 "historical" scenarios, but WTF? Why not use historical orbats (Matildas, PzIVd, e maybe f1, etc...) for the same cost and effort?

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