Monday, June 30, 2014

10mm ACW and WW2

After about 2 weeks of work travel I got home on Friday and found a bit of hobby time to work on some projects in 10mm. First I have some early war German tanks from Pendraken that I like enough to order more of. There are 38ts and 2 early IVs here for a Barbarossa scenario I have in mind. I prefer a light grey to bring out the detail in small scales, and those with Nazi flags denote command vehicles:

Then I also tried my hand at 10mm ACW figs for Altar of Freedom - grand tactical ACW rules where each stand is a regiment. These are a mix of Old Glory strips of 5 (rear rank) and Pendraken singular figs (front rank). These were fun to paint, I will follow up with more as this project builds. Like this scale for the compromise between size and massed look, plus they go fast with a block and wash techniques that I would only use for smaller scales.


  1. Great work, like the ACW stuff

  2. Very nice. Brilliant use of og figures. If you don't mind, what color primer and wash did you use?