Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Unboxing KR Multicase foam trays

I have been pondering storage solutions for my increasing pile of painted 28mm lead in particular. I took the plunge and ordered KR multicase foam trays - enticed by their worldwide free postage and low cost relative to GW. I ordered two products - one a set of 8 trays with 25 25mm x 35mm cells - enough for 200 foot, and one set of 8 trays with 20 25mm x 45mm cells, which I plan to use for mounted by removed the foam between two cells - so enough to hold 40 mounted troops.

Total all in was 65USD - about the same price as the GW small figure case which holds 108 figs. The GW foam trays are higher density and cost $25 for 108 figs - roughly $0.23 per cell. The KR products I chose hold 360 figs for $65, or about $0.18 per cell. Roughly 25% cheaper. The lower density foam might offer slightly less sturdy protection, but it is also gentler on your figures. Call it even.

Shipping took about 1 week. Good deal overall I think!


  1. I'll have to check these guys out as I need some sort of storage for my All Quiet on the Martian Front stuff and for my Normans.

  2. I have used their cases for over a decade now. I can only say that the lower density foam offers even better protection. My minis have travelled with me a number of times. Once across the Atlantic to the US and trice to the UK on an airplane. Each time as checked in luggage. Not a single mini that shifted to another compartment, no scratched paint, no broken or bend parts. In addition I have used them dozens of times to travel to shows in Belgium or the Netherlands plus the usual local travels... All with the same results. I think you will be very happy!

  3. Ya - gotta say I agree about the low density foam...I like it.