Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Casualty markers and Hannibal's veterans

I painted 8 stands of Carthaginian veterans for the Punic Wars project, and also dabbled with some ideas for casualty markers for Sword and Spear and perhaps other games.

The circle and square are the same idea - use numbers like a dial to record hits or strength remaining, the color coding dot could be used to signify heavy / medium / lights in Command and Colors. Shown here beside some 1/72 hoplites.

 Not sure which I like better - need to use larger lettraset characters on the round one.

I also considered using the marker as a dice caddy for Sword and Spear to mark both hits and activation dice status.

Then I noticed that bits of plywood leftover between the round bases were a nice star shaped - so I painted them red and put a number on them - presto casualty markers, shown here alongside just completed Gripping Beast 28mm African spearmen

And here around 3 bases of Hannibals veterans converted from Wargames Factory Caesarian legionnaires.

I'm leaning towards the red markers - any thoughts?


  1. Figures look great. I reckon the red markers are more practical; can just imagine accidentally changing or not changing the positioning of the other ones while doing a turn or about face and getting mixed up. If you're interested in other ideas, this is what I did for mine. I like it, but not everyone does!

  2. Very interesting idea, and non-invasive. Thanks!

  3. Nice work on the 72s. I thought they were 28s because they were so well done! So, how do you like Sword & Spear? Have you had a chance to play it yet?