Sunday, December 21, 2014

Russian light infantry, 1805 style

I finished today a box of Hat 1/72 Russian 1805 light infantry (jagers) working towards a CCN scenario next semester at EWG. Love these Hat figures, and as I was painting them thought that I ought to come up with a top ten list of why I like and stay with this scale.

Anyhoo - here they are:


  1. Cheap; readily available; can skirmish or mass battle; realistic proportions; we now have glues that work on them(!); we now have paints that stay on them(!); immense and growing selection.

  2. All good points Bob, suppose I could add easy to paint both because of size and the way they are made (usually all parts are easily accessible to the brush because of the way they are produced), lightweight, ..

  3. I couldn't agree more, with both of you. May I add, they are inexpensive and on sale now at!

    By the way, nice work, Dave.