Saturday, February 28, 2015

Walk like a New Kingdom Egyptian

I've had this Old Glory 15mm NKE DBA army sitting in a box forever, so I decided to paint it up for my MayDay tournament entry. Unfortunately, it turns out that holidays plans conflict with MayDay - so all for naught. Except of course, I now have another army to play with.

NKE is very well balanced, under 3.0 it will be interesting to play. Nimble, with fast blades and light chariots, and formidable against mounted with the 4 bow elements supported by a solid blade.


  1. Very nice figures Dave. I saw a thumb nail of your blog and thought it was mine at first. Mine is David's Wargame Retreat and my last post is about my New Kingdom Egyptians.

  2. Stunning job on these Egyptians!