Thursday, March 19, 2015

A diversion in scale

10 or so years ago the missus bought me a surprise model kit for my birthday. It is a 1/35 Trumpeter Challenger II main battle tank in KFOR markings - not really my scale or genre, but the thought counts plenty. It has resided on my shelves for some time, waiting for a rainy day.

Image result for trumpeter challenger 2 kfor

Well, on a snowy day over the Xmas holiday I broke it out and made a start, after about a dozen sessions over the last few months, quite a bit of fiddly bit frustration with my clumsy fingers (e.g. only one of the wing mirrors survived) it is complete, and here she is:

I don't reckon it will ever get on the table in a game - but it will take a place of honour on the shelf of glory.