Thursday, April 9, 2015

Early medievals and the rebasing conundrum

Over the past two weeks I painted a few small units of 28s for Lion Rampant and/or Saga. These were of Byzantine archers:

 Armenian archers by Perry:

Armenian crossbowmen by Perry:

And then played around with the thought of rebasing my 20mm British paras on unit stands for a company level game (stand = squad), then thought better of that and tried to make a magnetic skirmish tray that would hold 4 models to represent a squad - not sure if this works or not, so I bought another box of paras to do on unit stands just in case.

I must be nuts, it's bad enough to have some armies in multiple scales (e.g. 1944 Brits and Imperial Romans I now have in 3 scales each) but based in multiple formats within the same scale. Aieee...


  1. Hey Dave, I know the feeling. When I started working on the HOTT armies, I also wanted to use them for Impetus Fantasy. Having looked through the rules & basing for Impetus, I found it odd that a unit based on a 12cm Frontage would be held up by a 6cm base, thus I chose to go with the HOTT base. For Impetus they would also be on the same size base...simple solution the battlefields would allow more room perhaps for Impetus for those sweeping Calvary moves.

  2. Yeah, these are tough choices. Who makes the paras--they look like nice sculpts!

  3. Terry - 6cm frontage is my go-to for most ancients and medievals - except for individual based stuff. Yeah - a constant conundrum.

    Bob I think these are mostly old Platoon 20 (cast by RAFM, but no longer). They are a little shorter and squater than 1/72 but close enough to mix at 3ft distance. There may also be some Battlefield/Blitz in there too - those are excellent sculpts.