Friday, May 15, 2015

"Hanoverian" Napoleonics and the best-ever-tin

Apologies for being out of touch for a while, the family and I spent 10 days in Florida building beach fortifications:

And after we got back, I head-swapped some vintage Airfix Prussian Landwehr with Hat British infantry heads to create a couple of units of Hanoverian militia for the Waterloo project. Yes, I know that Hanoverian militia wore most British uniforms in 1815 by the time of Waterloo, but I was inspired by the unit cards from Sam Mustafa's Blucher to do something different with them so that they stand out. Plus, these are genuine vintage 1980s Airfix figures and I wanted to find a place on the table for them. Left the flags in dark blue since I have no idea what to do with them.

Finally, the missus found the World's Best Tin Box at a garage sale down the street - it rocks!

Lego Minifig for scale below- I shall use this very useful box to store unusually tall and unwieldy models - such as High Elf chariots and dragons that have very tall profiles.  Score!!!


  1. Well done with this Nap unit!

  2. I love Fisherman's Friend cans. They are hard to come by now. The company has moved to paper packaging. Boooooh! I've had the smaller cans, but not one this size. Good find!

    Nice work on the minis!