Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cold War gone hot air support

Some time ago I ordered a bunch of 1980s vintage air support for Cold War Europe wargames - these are 1/600 models by Tumbling Dice ordered from Dom's Decals. They are very nice, and I prefer to look of aircraft that are smaller scale than the ground troops - in this case intended for 1/285 micro armour stuff. These are lovely little planes - very fun to paint for a change. I used rare earth magnets to mount them on removable flight stands.

Nato forces:
 Luftwaffe F4s:
 US AH-64s
 US A-10s
 Soviet Air Force
 Su-17 Fitters
 MiG-21 Fishbeds
 Soviet Helos:
 MiG-8 Hips
 MiG-24 Hinds


  1. Nice airforce, follow the link to see how make a good rotor with clear plastic.

  2. Thanks for the link - I have been struggling with rotor disks - how do you cut them and what material do you use??

  3. Very nice! What rules are you using for your micro modern stuff?

  4. Tim - the big question! And an itch that I can't scratch.

    Have tried CWC - don't like the combat system, tried FFTOWs - lacks command and control friction, a modified GW Epic worked okay. I'm looking forward to Team Yankee from Battlefront in the hopes it's better than FOW.

    1. That's too funny - I've been doing the same with micro sci-fi - collecting up miniatures (Epic 40K, Battletech, REaper CAV, etc..) without any really clear idea what rules I'm going to use.

      Have you looked at Modern Spearhead? I've never played it, but a friend of mine was very excited about the original WW2 Spearhead at one point and highly recommended it.

    2. I have the WW2 version but it has never really appealed to me - I always find written order off-putting. But if a copy of Modern ever came into my hands I would like to look them over. So it's on my list.