Thursday, December 17, 2015

What AVRE 'ere?

An AVRE (Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers) of course - much needed support for the Brits in Operation Martlet where they were stymied in their first encountered by German MGs in hard cover. A few "flying dustbins" launched from the 290mm spigot mortar should help clear a way through the opening phase of the Chain of Command campaign I am hosting for the lads at EWG.

The kit is a Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 model which I can highly recommend.


  1. Nice. A quick build is better than tediously building the bogies on the Churchill. Can't recall if that was a Matchbox or Esci kit I did years ago.

  2. Might be the Airfix Churchill? Top tip I once read - the bogies in that kit are aligned on the sprue with the axle pins on the hull. So if you leave them on the sprue, they go on the pins plus cement all at once, then just clip them from the sprue. Presto - all done in one manouever.

  3. Oh great & all I get is a T-shirt! Let's hope with the arrival of this monster that the German forces get some Nebelwerfer barrages. Glad you found one Dave, this should make Scott happy.

  4. Who says you get a t-shirt?


    PS- your time will come - big cats are on the deck.