Monday, February 22, 2016

Highland warband

I've been out of town for much of the last week and stupid-busy at work, so progress this month has been pretty slow. Managed to knock off a small warband of highland impetuous foot for Lion Rampant if I ever get time to play a game again. Tried my hand at some tartan with mixed results.


  1. NIce! Are you putting together an entire retinue of Scots?

    I had started a Medieval Irish Retinue - one unit of Gallowglass and a crap-load of Kerns ( a mix of "Fierce Foot" and "Bidowers"... I've a bit to do yet... I got distracted by Dragon Rampant and Frostgrave...

  2. Yeah - these guys are to complement the more passive but equally underlyingly angry spear-toting types

  3. Ah, yes. I remember them! Any more additions to the retinue planned?

  4. I have used mounted kniggots around my chief - and all they did was get me into trouble by charging off into a thicket of halberds and getting killed. Maybe they should dismount - so foot knights as my bodyguard might be my next option.

  5. Ah those impetuous "Wild Charging" Mounted Men-at-Arms....

    Foot men-at-arms seems like a reasonable option - but where's the fun in having units you can actually CONTROL!? I guess you'll still get a bit of that with the Fierce Foot... If you have foot men at arms you'll need one in a kilt with a blue face and you can call him Mel McGibson.... maybe that'd be more appropriate for fantasy warband in Dragon Rampant.

    If your "knights" aren't in plate armour with barding you could downgrade them to "Mounted Sergeants" - or upgrade them to "drilled"...?