Thursday, April 7, 2016

Panther tank by airbrush

Tried out the new airbrush on a Revell Panther. Results are okay - actually quite a bit better than how it looked after the first attempt - but I have a long way to go to get nice sharp and fine lines.

Still - beats the shit out of brushing! Took a fraction of the time. This may come into play in the next installment of Operation Martell depending on German High Command...

And the last bits of my French army for Quatre Bras - artillery, Ney and Kellermann


  1. Tank looks good, though I'm not too excited about the prospect of seeing it in use.

  2. Nothing like a fresh tank right off the assembly line. While I'm a Great British player myself I do hope your enemies feel it's power!

  3. Ya - I've always preferred the assembly line look and never taken much to weathering. Won't win any prizes, I know, but they are "toys" after all!

    1. Well that sounds like a challenge to get this thing dirty. Consider the card played for our next game! A few bounced die off its hull should add a few dents & nicks for touching up with bare metal / rust colouring

  4. Good on ya Terry! Get her dirty - but Gott in Himmel - bring her back intact!