Sunday, September 25, 2016

Big and Small

Just finished a few more Reaper Bones models for my "swamp" themed Dragon Rampant warband. I reckon I could run the big guy at the back as a single model Elite Infantry (6 point) unit. The three lizards could be run as a unit of heavy infantry (4 point), not sure about the two snakes. The medusa fig is pretty cool - maybe she should be a lone shooter model unit (4 point)?

Unable to find any Dullcote in Edmonton last weekend, I picked up a bottle of "matte" Rustoleum varnish. Guess what? It's not very matt - more like satin. But I suppose that's okay for reptiles.

I also did some "small" stuff - these are GHQ 6mm Soviet infantry for the next Team Yankee scenario I plan to run at the club. 

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  1. Nice snakes! We should have a Dragon Rampant game at the club some time.